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Seniors Albion-Food Cultural Trip
May 2011

For the second time we had the pleasure of welcoming 9 seniors from Albion, from May 21 to May 29, to undertake a Cultural Food Trip which was a journey to discover the cuisine and the culinary arts in France.
This idea take place after the success of the Chemin des Impressionnistes organized by the CJNRB in 2009.

During their stay, participants were able to discover and visit:

            A producer of Grand Marnier
            An hotel school with a training in the art of decorating a table
            The Orsay Museum where they could enjoy the “Art of the table”
            through famous paintings
            A tour and a taste session at the Wine Museum
            Finally practical work with the purchase, at the Bailly market, of elements
            to prepare a “coq au vin”, cooking which was done in the kitchen of
            Collège de la Quintinie

Here under you can read, for example, the story of two of their visit:

                        At the producer of Grand Marnier

The presentation of 2 hours at the brewery was very interesting. They were all impressed with the technics of mixing the dried orange peels with the brandy to create the syrupy Grand Marnier. Each participant received a bottle.
By 12h30 everyone went to the Relais des Templiers, a medieval inn. The hearty lunch included an appetizer, foie gras, quail, fish, roast duck, cheese, chocolate cake, wine and coffee. The meal lasted from 13 to 16 pm. On the way back a stop was made at the Golf Club of Noisy le Roi.

                        At the Orsay Museum

We had the chance to see different paintings on the theme of Food. The explanations were provided by a member of the CJNRB.
The luncheon was held in the Museum’s wonderful restaurant that can be compared to certain rooms of the Palace of Versailles. The quality of the meal was excellent and they eat as a starter a goat cheese with sundried tomatoes in a raspberry sauce, beef cheeks as a main dish, a cake of figs for dessert, unlimited wine and coffee.

After visiting the museum a one hour walk was made to go, along the bank of the Seine River, to the Pont de l’Alma. The weather was beautiful, no rain, sunshine and a little wind. The day ended with a trip by riverboat during 1h30 who offered wonderful  views of monuments and historic sites on both side of the Seine from the Pont de l’Alma to the Ile de la Cité.

At each visit a lunch was scheduled plus a sightseeing excursion. All expenses, fees, travel, trips, lunches were paid by the visitors. They were lodged with host families whom we thank for their hospitality.

A dinner, the Thursday, close to the end of their stay, gathered together, in a very warm atmosphere, our seniors, host families, members of the CJNRB and municipality who were charmed, during the meal, by the musical group and songs of Francoise Pichon.

We have to thank very much Didier Caels, member of the CJNRB, who designed and developed this project, assisted by Francoise Pichon and in the United States with the very effective help of Jessie Baird and Keith Kehlbeck.

Our friends came away Sunday May 29 for the United States by promising to return if a new trip was proposed.